Call for Papers

Metallurgy and Materials

Iron & Steel Classes and Standards
Iron & Steel Manufacturing Methods and New Approaches
Refractories in Iron & Steel Industry
Fracture and Fatigue Behavior of Iron & Steel

Mechanics and Behavior of Smart Materials

Magnetic Properties of Smart Materials
Mechanical Properties of Smart Materials
Thermal Properties of Smart Materials
Optical Properties of Smart Materials
Advanced Characterization Techniques

Powder Metallurgy

Material Science and Technology
Coating & Corrosion
Novel Coating Materials
Hard Coatings
Processing and Characterization
Nanostructured Coatings

Smart Structures

Structural Engineering
Green Buildings
Composite Materials
Rubber Technologies
Metals and Alloys
Smart Design and Construction

Materials Chemistry

Material Science and Engineering
Role of Smart Materials in Pharmacy
Synthesis of New Drugs
Plastics Fabrication and Uses
Energy Applications of Materials
Biomedical Applications of Materials

Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology

Carbon, Graphite and Graphene
Nanotubes, Nanorods and Nanowires
Nanofibers, Nanofilms and Nanocomposites
Nanopowder and Nanoparticles
Smart Nanodevices
Nanotechnology Applications

Optical and Electronic Materials

Photonics Materials and Devices
NEMS, MEMS and Liquid Metal Devices
Semiconductors and Super Conductors
Computational Optics and Photonics
Lasers and Optical Fibers
Smart Electronic Devices
Advanced Metals & Alloys
Catalytic Materials
Conducting Polymers
Environmental Coordination Materials
Fluids and Liquid Crystals
Functionally Graded Materials
High Entropy Alloys
Magnetic Materials
Optical Materials
Self-Assembled Materials
Self-Healing Materials